Lou McKee's new book



A first-hand wilderness adventure book; story and illustrations by Lou McKee. 


You can buy her book online at Amazon, Chapters/Indigo and most independent book stores. Klee Wyck journal is also on the shelves of Chapters/Indigo. If you like this book-- give it a review online. 



The book is full of the illustrations and stories of the people and adventures involved in the building of a coastal wilderness shelter hidden among old rain forest firs and cedars and dense salal bush. She reaches this remote shore by kayak. There are no roads nor pathways. No docks nor safe buoys. Friends and family land on a little sheltered spit in a bay that is otherwise open ocean surf. In time, a trail is forged into the woods to build a cedar cabin to shelter them from the rain that can drench (and beautify) this sea coast. It is a dream that YOU CAN LIVE - by joining Lou and husband, David, for their presentation, readings and audience discussion. See Lou's website for a flavor of book and presentation (EVENTS) near you. www.loumckee.com

Below is a sample of one of the pages and the cover from the book.