Steve's Trivia Corner

Welcome to a new feature on our web site...periodically we will post some trivia on this page submitted by Steve Whitelaw.. 

Here is some Delbrook Trivia from the 1957-1960 period..see how many you can get right...answers are at the bottom..have FUN!!

Delbrook Trivia, 1957 - 60

1a.  Delbrook had its own rock band. What was the name of this trio? 

1b.  Who were its three members?
1c.  Why was it called that?

2a.  Who was the school principal? 

2b.  Who was the school vice-principal?

3a.  Who sang "Summertime Blues”?
3b.  In the song: what did his congressman say?
3c.  What was Eddie going to do in the summer? He said, “I’m going to take two weeks and...?”

4.  What was the name of the club for guys who got to spend an extra year at Delbrook ?

5.  What did HRA stand for? 

6a.  What teacher founded The Mugwumps? 

6b.  What brought about the dissolution of the Mugwumps? 

6c.  What’s a mugwump?

7.  What were the real names of these classmates?
7a.  Pudge.
7b.  Mickey.
7c.  Pinky.
7d.  Wimpy 

8.  What movie was played in the gym at lunch hour in January, 1960?  

9.  Who sang these songs?

9a.  "Purple People Eater"?
9b.  Short shorts?
9c.  Ringo? 

10.  Who were the two Governors General when we were at Delbrook? 

11.  What was Little Iodine’s last name?

12.  What were the first names of these teachers?
12a   Brealey.
12b.  Boldt.
12c.  Sanford.
12d.  Hurst.
12e.  Sparling
12f.   Hemingway.
12g.  Dunlop.
12h.  Chambers.
12i.  Bayles
12j.  Philips.

13.  What were the middle names of these teachers?
13a.  Sanford.
13b.  Siddons
13c.  Philips.

14a.  Who were the two singers of “Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb”?

14b. What TV series were they regulars on?
14c.  What was the last line of the song?  (Also the corniest last line of ANY song ever written.)

15.  What do these songs have in common?

  • Sixteen Reasons
  • Tan shoes and pink shoelaces
  • Ahab the Arab

16.  Who drove these cars?
16a.  Gray-primered ‘34 Ford pickup. 

16b.  Red and white 56 Chevy.
16c.  Yellow 1960 Lincoln.

17.  Name three members of the audio visual (projectionists) club.  

18.  What did these have in common? 

18a.  Ian Potter, Sharon Meckling, Don Wright?
18b.  Dave McArthur, Dave Breidall, Wayne Lorenz? 

19.  Who represented Delbrook in the inter-high debate?

20.  Who ran the mile for Delbrook in the track meets at Empire Stadium?  

Name the other half of these couples: 

21a.  Dot Lightfoot and?
21b.  Linda Getzie and?
21c.  Dale Cunningham and? 

22.  Who was renowned for driving down Delbrook Ave. with his left foot out the window?  

23.  What teacher’s eyes had Nystagmus (rapid back-and-forth movement of the iris)?

24.  Who had an eye with a pupil that was shaped like a shmoo?

25.  What Delbrook student was a virtuoso violin player and has had a successful career as a professional violinist? Garth Williams. 

26.  Name two Delbrook students who had unexpected silent Ks (like the “K” in Dag Hammarskjold) in their last names?  

27a.  What Delbrook student signed his name with a “Y”, and 

27b.  why?

28.    In the 1950s, a US military jet crashed on Grouse mountain. 

28a.  What Delbrook student found, while hiking, an artifact from the crash?  

28b.  What was it? 

29.  What Delbrook student’s parents owned the cross-country ski shop on Mt. Seymour? 

30a.  Who was BC’s minister of highways when we were at Delbrook? 

30b.  What word featured prominently on signs he had erected by roadworks? 

30c.  What was his nickname?

31a.  Downtown Vancouver had three large movie theaters. What were their names?
31b.  Which one had Cinerama? 
31c.  Which one showed Psycho?


32.  What was the name of the “Art house” movie theater in downtown Vancouver?

33.  What was the name of the drugstore in Highlands village? 

34.  What was the name of the hardware store in the Highlands village?   

35.  Name the sibling:
35a.  Diane Woodhams.
35b.  Garth Williams. 
35c.  Dale Butchart.  
35d.  Don Wright.  
35e.  Jack McGill.
35f.   Diane Linford.
35g.  Vivian Hewgill.
35h.  Verona Edelstein.
35i.  Jeannine Byfield.  
35j.  Jeanine Speers.

35k.  Maria Van Drimmelen

36.  Which Delbrook student went on to become a professional opera singer?  

37.  What was the first line of the school song? 

38.  What was the precursor to the $64,000 question? 


39.  What was the name of the creek that ran past Delbrook (between the school and Delbrook Avenue)?






1a.   The Cameos.

1b.   Doug Fletcher. Glenn Miller.  Bob Nelson

1c.   Cameos were Fletcher’s favorite cigarette brand


2a.  J. D. Siddons

2b.  G. L. Philips 

3a.  Eddie Cochran

3b.  Whoa!  I’d like to help you son, but you’re too young to vote 

3c.  Have a fine vacation. 


4.  Five year club


5.  Highland Rowdies Association


6a.  Mr. Bachman

6b.  Mr. Bachman died of a heart attack

6c.  A bird that sits on a fence with his mug on one side and his “wump” on the other. 


7a.  Judy Perry

7b.  Ann McMillen

7c.  Doug Greville

7d.  Gerald Roberts


8.  Calamity Jane


9a.  Sheb Wooley

9b.  The Royal Teens

9c.  Lorne Greene


10a.  Vincent Massey

10b.  Georges Vanier


11.  Tremblechin


12a.  Daisy

12b.  Walter

12c.  Bob

12d.  Norman

12e.  George

12f.   John

12g.  Dick

12h.  Scott

12i.   Ted

12j.   George


13a.  Melvin

13b.  Donald

13c.  Lindsay


14a.  Connie Stevens and Edd “Kookie” Burns

14b.  Connie:  Hawaiian Eye;  Edd:  77 Sunset Strip

14c.  “Baby, you’re the ginchiest!”


15.  All singers had the last name Stevens  (Connie, Dodie, Ray)


16a.  Neil Speers

16b.  Bill Spruston

16c.  Bob Madiuk


17.  Bob Herring, John Carl, Mike McKeown, John McPherson, Andrew Glass, Richard Neveroski, Terry Peters, Brian Barraclough, Roger Schiffer, Terry Lyster, Terry Peters.


18a.  All lived in Upper Delbrook.

18b.  All lived in “Skunk Hollow.” (Their term).

19.  Diana Rowe, Barbara Smith, Roger Schiffer. 


20.  Kerry Mulhern


21a.  Stu Gibbs

21b.  Jeff Williams

21c.  Eric Bayntun


22.  Bill Cartmell


23.  Mr. Boldt


24.  Wes Belknap


25.  Garth Williams


26.  Glayde Cockburn, Wes Belknap, 


27a.  Bruce Jones, 

27b.  A motorcycle accident left him with a Y-shaped scar on his forehead. 


28a.  Bruce Jones

28b.  A glove with the pilot’s severed hand still in it.


29.    Dave Johanson


30a.  Philip Gaglardi

30b.  Sorry!

30c.  Flying Phil


31a.  Orpheum, Capitol, Strand

31b.  Strand

31c.  Strand


32.  Studio


33.  Caspars


34.  Garnier


35a. Joy

35b. Curtis

35c. Dennis


35e.  Gordie

35f.  John

35g.  Denton

35h.  Sharon

35i.  Carla

35j.   Neil

35k.  Liz


36.  Don Wright


37.  Proudly we hail your name.


38.  Radio show called the $64-Dollar Question


39.  Thain Creek